Welcome to the TKD Martial Arts Academy Website - Here you will find out anything you might want to know about our school and the programs we offer, as well as the latest news and events within the academy itself. Please feel free to have a look around, try out our features, and tell us what you think.
TKD Martial Arts Academy's Main Focus is on teaching Tae Kwon Do - the art of kicking and punching. While our school's curriculum emphasizes Tae Kwon Do, we also supplement our upper-belt training with instruction from some of the best Masters of other disciplines in the area.
TKD Martial Arts is For Children - The most critical time for instilling discipline is during early childhood development. Studying martial arts has been demonstrated to greatly improve academic drive and performance. Younger students also gain respect for themselves and adults as well as authority figures in general. Martial arts also provides a solid foundation and cross training for sports and other athletic pursuits.
TKD Martial Arts is For Adults Too! - Martial arts training is beneficial to students of all ages. Adults find within themselves strength and self confidence and they gain an ability to defend themselves. It's Never Too Late to Learn Self Defense!